Cuidándonos juntos: Wellbeing in Latin@ communities

Understanding the importance of wellbeing

This summer, let’s actively prioritize our wellbeing – we’re worth it! Self-care is important, bringing awareness to the bodies that allow us to work, play, and spend time with friends and family. We can start with free activities like taking walks after dinner or going to bed at an earlier time. But whatever we choose, let us actively dedicate time to nourishing ourselves, both physically and emotionally, so we can thrive.

Mental health & Latin@s

We Latin@s go through unique experiences that may make accessing and connecting with a therapist difficult. That said, we can aspire to make therapy accessible to young and older generations. To help, check out Therapy for Latinx’s national organizations page with a list of crisis hotlines, mental health screenings, and national resources in English and Spanish. We also recommend checking out Latinx Therapy’s resources such as apps that can teach you about meditation and breathing practices. Want more? Check out their reading list below:

  1. The Color Of My Mind: Mental Health Narratives from People of Color by Dior Vargas
  2. The Stimulati Experience: 9 Skills for Getting Past Pain, Setbacks, and Trauma to Ignite Health and Happiness by Jim Curtis
  3. Ending My Silence: Rising Above Sexual and Emotional Abuse by Lydia Lin

Physical Health

Encouraging physical health in our community is fundamental for our overall wellbeing. Practicing regular physical activity through fitness programs, sports, and recreational activities can enhance both physical and mental health. By taking a comprehensive approach that embraces cultural traditions and celebrates the unique heritage of each of us, we can build healthier lifestyles in the Latinx community.

Connecting with community & other organizations

Let’s also remember how building up our communities nurtures ourselves. From supporting local street vendors to engaging with remote businesses, let’s put our resources to creating the world we want to live in. This summer, volunteer at a local community based organization, get involved with a cause you care about, or simply take the time to learn about ongoing issues affecting your neighbors.

True self-care

True self-care, whether mental or physical, is about finding balance during tough times and empowering ourselves to take the next step forward. Embracing self-care is an active act of self-love, not selfishness. Let’s collectively prioritize and nourish our minds, bodies, and souls this summer. We deserve it.