Decimos No Más cards: Towards healthy, violence-free relationships among youth

The “Decimos NO MÁS” cards are a tool that helps us engage in crucial conversations at home. They are aimed at parents, guardians, and anyone responsible for young people. These cards assist in starting dialogues about respect, mutual understanding, and reciprocal care, which are essential aspects of living harmoniously. It’s proven that such communication within the family environment helps prevent violent relationships among youth.

The cards provide questions and topics that can guide these discussions. Therefore, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you’re uncertain how to express your thoughts or wish to better understand others, these cards can be an excellent starting point. It’s important to note that this resource is beneficial for the entire family because everyone, regardless of age, can learn and improve how we interact with one another.

Esperanza United invites you to join this campaign, with the aim of making our families and communities safer and more welcoming environments. With the “Decimos NO MÁS” cards, they offer a practical way to achieve this, promoting dialogue and understanding on issues that may be complex but are vital.

If you want to help your family have these conversations, you can request the cards or learn more about how to implement them in your family dynamics. You just need to send an email to, and they will guide you on how to obtain them.

Remember, talking about these issues is a way to care for each other and ensure that everyone feels welcomed and respected. Let’s take this opportunity to create positive change in our homes and lives.

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