Empowering Latin@ leadership to end gender-based violence blog series

For Hispanic/Latin@ Heritage Month, Esperanza United is celebrating and recognizing the remarkable contributions and influence of Latin@ leaders who have and continue to build and support healthy communities free from gender-based violence.

From now until October 15, our “Empowering Latin@ leadership” blog series will focus on Latin@ leadership, highlighting the experiences and achievements of Latin@s who are making a difference both within our organization and in the larger community. To kick things off, we delve into what Latin@ leadership means and explain why it is essential to end gender-based violence in Latin@ communities.

Understanding Latin@ leadership

To truly grasp the significance of Latin@ leadership, we must delve into our historical roots. Latin@s have a rich history of resilience, strength, and unwavering determination that has carried across generations. From historical figures who courageously challenged social norms to contemporary leaders excelling in all fields, Latin@ leadership is on a continuous trajectory of growth and evolution.

Also, Latin@ leadership is a mosaic, not a monolith. The power of Latin@ communities is pivotal in the effort to end gender-based violence, not only among ourselves but across all communities. Esperanza United serves as a catalyst, facilitator, and connector, mobilizing the community’s talents under the guidance of Latin@ leadership, which is deeply ingrained in our culture.

Why do we need Latin@ leadership in the field of gender-based violence?

Latin@s are notably underrepresented in leadership positions, comprising only four percent of managers, as revealed by the 2022 Women in the Workplace Report from McKinsey/LeanIn.org despite making up nearly 20% of the population. Latin@ representation in leadership ensures that our perspectives are incorporated into policies that impact our lives, leading to more equitable and effective solutions for our community. Without our voices, the powers that be fail to incorporate our lived experiences in addressing the cultural needs of our community. The underrepresentation of Latin@s in leadership roles is a pressing concern, and Latin@ women need to ensure our voices are not just heard but also integrated into these spaces.

A call to action: Embrace your inner Latin@ leader

Being a Latin@ leader means carrying the collective strength and resilience of our community while blazing a trail for future generations. It’s about embracing who you are, your identity, voice, and unique perspective. 

Pursuing your dreams even if Latin@ representation is lacking in your chosen field may seem daunting. It can be hard to embody what your inner niña has always aspired to be. But by pursuing your dreams, you pave the way for others, proving that anything is possible. Latin@s carry so much strength, resilience, and determination because of those who paved the way for us. Let our dreams light the path to greatness, inspiring generations to come and rewriting the narrative.

As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, Esperanza United is publishing a series of blogs to inspire and empower emerging Latin@ leaders in public service, research, and policy advocacy. These discussions shed light on the power of representation and leadership for Latin@s in all areas of society. Together, we can strengthen this movement, foster meaningful change, and work toward a future free from gender-based violence.