Esperanza United’s Advisory Councils: A Two-Part Series

Discover the dedicated individuals on Esperanza United’s Advisory Councils in our two-part video series. These council members share their experiences and the significance of their work in supporting Latin@ survivors of gender-based violence.

Part 1: Policy Advisory Council Insights

In the first video, hear from members Amy Hinojosa, Margarita Guzmán, Mary Ellen García, Olivia García, Sandra Henriquez, Stephanie López, and Carmen Williams. They delve into the essential work of shaping policies to assist Latin@ survivors. Their insights are crucial for the development of effective strategies within Esperanza United.

Part 2: Research Advisory Council Insights

The second video in the series features the Research Advisory Council. Dr. Chiara Sabina, Dr. Lillie Macias, Dr. Kevin Swartout, Dr. Susana Mariscal, Dr. Michelle Silva, and Dr. Xavier Guadalupe-Díaz discuss how their research guides our interventions and understanding of survivors’ needs. Their work underpins our evidence-based approach to support services and advocacy.

Watch the series to gain a clearer understanding of the expertise and passion driving Esperanza United’s mission. We’re committed to a world where all Latin@ individuals can live free from gender-based violence, and this series sheds light on the people and research that make our work possible.