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It’s National Stalking Awareness Month and we’ve put together a resource collection of tools for the community.  Learn A 2021 Pew Research Center study found that, “Black, Hispanic targets of online harassment are more likely than  their White counterparts to say they’ve been harassed online because of their race, ethnicity” This […]

As part of our series highlighting our network members, meet an organization making a difference in the lives of survivors. In this conversation we speak with Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence’s Executive Director, Dr. Maria Corona. What brought you to the work of supporting survivors and eradicating violence?   Like many of […]

Dear friends, This year has punctuated the highs and lows of hope and hardship. The pandemic and its collateral impacts continue to weigh on survivors of gender-based violence, Latin@ communities, and our staff. Our Family Advocacy program alone provided emergency shelter to 65 people, including thirteen children and youth, supported 984 people […]

This list of references is a section of our IPV factsheet, Latinas and intimate partner violence evidence based facts.

These pages make up section of our IPV factsheet, Latinas and intimate partner violencel evidence based facts. Although the literature in the field has begun to highlight how IPV affects Latina survivors and their children in negative ways, a few studies have focused on the strengths and resistance strategies used by […]

These pages make up section of our IPV factsheet, Latinas and intimate partner violence evidence based facts. IPV happens within the context of a family’s daily life, which is deeply affected by numerous factors, both personal and systemic, that impact and are impacted by IPV. Some of these have been documented […]

Given the many challenges and structural inequities Latin@ communities have faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, what have been sources of strength and hope for Latin@ survivors?  This summer, researchers from Esperanza United and The National Center on Domestic Violence, Trauma, and Mental Health worked with survivors to learn about what has […]

The Build Back Better Act passed 220 -213 in the House today and we’re thanking Speaker Nancy Pelosi and all Members of the House who advocated and voted to pass this bill. This close vote represents a major step forward for protecting Latin@ immigrant survivors and improving the lives of all […]

Take Action – Health sexuality Talking to your children about sex can help prevent sexual abuse because they will be better equipped to understand setting boundaries and respecting those boundaries in themselves and others. Researchers say that conversations about sexuality also lead to less risky sexual behavior, should teenagers choose to […]

According the A Call to Men, “Healthy, respectful manhood means valuing and respecting women, girls, and LGBQ, Trans, and nonbinary people — and respecting and valuing oneself by striving to live authentically. The practice of healthy manhood is the path out of the ‘Man Box,’ and it is essential to preventing […]