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Children who witness domestic violence are as likely to be negatively impacted as children who are direct targets of the violence. Experiencing and witnessing abuse impacts children’s cognitive, emotional, and overall health. For a child, it is scary and confusing when a parent harms the other parent. It is scary because […]

Community advocates are leaders who provide direct and indirect services and care to the health and well-being of people in their community. They assist survivors as they manage through systems that intersect with their overall health. Advocates can take action to significantly improve the health and well-being of Latin@ survivors of […]

Your support represents hope, change, and a safer future. A trip to the pumpkin patch where Latin@ families can enjoy a day out while engaging in meaningful conversations about the importance of healthy relationships. A Dia de los Muertos celebration, forming a sacred act of connection with our roots and ancestors […]

November is Native American Heritage Month and in this episode of Conversations Over Cafecito Sebastián Zavala talks about indigenous representation in the movie, “Los asesinos de la luna”.

Recently, Esperanza United and Encuentro Diáspora Afro hosted a virtual event highlighting “Daughters of Latin America,” a new anthology featuring writing from Latine women across the diaspora: Facilitated by Maya Doig-Acuna, writer and PhD candidate at Harvard University on African and African American Studies In conversation with Sandra Guzmán, editor and […]

In this episode of “Conversations Over Cafecito,” we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Dr. Verónica Méndez, a curator at the Smithsonian Museum of American History. She shares how she ensures that Latin@ perspectives are represented in Smithsonian exhibits, strategies for connecting with the Latin@ community, and special projects she is currently […]

For Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Esperanza United is excited to share this episode of Conversations over Cafecito with this podcast featuring Promotoras from Violence Intervention Program (VIP). Register now and join us throughout the month of October for Spanish-language webinars highlighting the work of promotor@s and community health workers in uplifting […]

Esperanza United is honoring Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Hispanic Heritage Month by remembering the contributions of Latin@ leaders who have worked to foster healthy communities free from gender-based violence. Through the “Empowering Latin@ Leadership” blog series, we’ve been focusing on various aspects of Latin@ leadership. Now, the question arises: How […]

Access to Indigenous languages Changes in demographics in the last few years have shown an increasing number of Indigenous peoples of Latin America arriving at the border and asking for asylum. Although Census data shows increases as well, there are big levels of underreporting due to many factors including the way […]

For Hispanic/Latin@ Heritage Month, Esperanza United is celebrating Latin@ leaders who have made their mark in the field of gender-based violence. In this blog, we are highlighting an inspiring leader, Dr. Irasema Coronado. Dr. Irasema Coronado is the director and professor of the School of Transborder Studies at Arizona State University […]