Keep Latin@ survivors in mind when you vote on November 8

Survivors of gender-based violence are not seen as a voting bloc by policymakers. However,  there are so many decisions that are made by non-survivors that end up preventing access to resources and life-saving services. This is not okay and survivors have an opportunity to make their voices heard during the midterm elections on November 8th. 

If you are a survivor or know of a survivor of gender-based violence, vote with them in mind on November 8th. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Don’t listen to the polls. Make sure to show up and vote.
  • When you vote, think about whether the candidates on the ballot endorse policies that allow survivors to make the best decisions for themselves. 
  • Survivors’ Agenda surveyed almost 2,000 registered voters about their experience with sexual violence, including their attitudes towards policies that reduce harm. 65% are affected either personally or through family members. Vote on November 8th with survivors in mind and post about your vote with the hashtag, #survivorvoter.
  • Latina/x women (65%) voters across party affiliations say they’re more likely to vote for a political candidate who is in favor of addressing sexual violence. Let’s make sure our voices are heard.
  • Remember that 36 of 50 states have elections for governors. Governors have the power to direct resources, services and even pardon women who are wrongfully convicted of gender-based violence. An inspiring story that captures the need for governors to better understand gender-based violence is Melissa Lucio who was granted a stay of execution from the court. 

Vote on November 8th with survivors in mind!