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“When you do something well, you should share with the world.” Promundo

  • Program H aims to transform social norms, attitudes and beliefs that are harmful for men’s health and to promote healthy forms of masculinity.
  • Designed as a group education curriculum to engage young men from urban or rural backgrounds, Program H supports candid dialogue and critical reflection about gender equality, caregiving, sexual and reproductive health, women’s rights, domestic violence, and violence against other men.
  • Divided into five modules with approximately 70 activities and a no-words video called Once Upon a Boy, Program H is easily adapted to the demands of the local community through the use of a community assessment and technical assistance provided by Promundo.org.br and their regional partners.
  • Designed for same-sex groups, Program H can be facilitated by men who serve as role models for the youth and who come from the same community. The program is also designed to engage young men as activists and community mobilizers at the school or community level.
  • All materials including manuals, evaluation reports, and videos are free and available at the organization website.
  • The results of eight quasi-experimental studies on Program H in Latin America, sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and the Balkan found positive evidence of changes among program participants toward more gender-equitable attitudes and behavior.

For more information about Program H, go here.