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Listening circles with Latin@ faith leaders and community members

In 2020, Safe Havens and Esperanza United partnered to conduct two Listening Circles with Latin@1 faith leaders and community members about faith and intimate partner violence (IPV), which is also called domestic violence (DV). The reason for the Listening Circles was to provide a forum to talk about the strengths and needs of Latin@ faith communities, to learn more about how best to engage their strengths and meet the identified needs, and to explore whether an Esperanza United/Safe Havens partnership could provide culturally responsive resources to meet those needs. We know that with appropriate training and resources, faith leaders can play an integral role in helping faithful people who experience abuse reach physical, emotional, and spiritual safety. Faith is central to Latin@ communities in the U.S. 

This is a summary of themes, opinions, and learnings shared by faith leaders who attended the virtual Listening Circles. 

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