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Teen dating violence factsheet

Teen dating violence (TDV) refers to intimate partner violence that occurs between two youth in a dating or romantic relationship. Like intimate partner violence in adult relationships, TDV can include physical violence, sexual violence, psychological violence, and stalking. TDV is recognized as a major public health concern that impacts adolescents from all ethnic and racial backgrounds in the United States.

This factsheet summarizes recent rates of TDV among Latin@ youth and culturally specific factors to support TDV prevention. Although more research is needed with diverse Latin@ populations, existing studies suggest that more than half of Latin@ youth experience psychological and/or digital dating violence, and that LGBQ Latin@ youth are at increased risk for TDV. Risk factors for dating violence among Latin@ youth include past experiences of abuse and traditional gender role attitudes. Research suggests Latin@ community strengths, such as family connectedness and strong Latin@ cultural ties, are protective factors that can support TDV prevention

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