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Socio-ecological model

The socio-ecological model is a prevention framework created by the Center for Disease Control (CDC).It is a tool to consider the complexity between individual, relationship, community, and societal factors to understand the factors that influence violence.

Campus tool: glossary of english acronyms translated into spanish for TA providers

This Campus Grant Program document is a glossary of English acronyms translated into Spanish.  

Campus toolkit: Building a coordinated community response

These tools were developed by Esperanza United in collaboration with the Center for Violence University of Colorado Denver Domestic, provider of technical assistance for Respuesta Comunitaria Coordinada (CCR). This set of tools provides educational institutions with strategies for developing a coordinated community response to address domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault […]

Campus tool: VAWA checklist

This tool (Spanish only) from Campus Technical Assistance and Resource Project is a check list of Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) amendments to the Clery Act, issued in October 2014. The Clery Act was amended to include the additional rights of victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, violence in dating relationships […]

Women’s History Month special with Patti Tototzintle

To kick off season two of Conversations Over a Cafecito, we talk to Esperanza United’s CEO, Patti Tototzintle for a special recognition of Women’s History Month. Patti talks about her history with Esperanza United, what she’s learned over her time working in the movement to end violence, and who she looks […]

La violencia doméstica y la tecnología

This webinar will explore security risks of using technology, and the different ways technology is used to stalk, abuse and harass victims and survivors. We will present useful tools for service providers to assess aggression. We will also offer suggestions on how to properly document technology abuse and develop technology abuse […]

Te invito campaign – PSA 1

Esperanza United (formerly Casa de Esperanza) created the national Te Invito campaign, whose purpose is to engage men and boys in the fight against domestic violence. This campaign aims to elevate the voices of Latino men who reject violence and work to model and promote healthy relationships. 

A Chicanx approach to mental health: Constructing wellness part I

Chicanx have a long history of contributions to the field of psychology and mental health. From their ancestral knowledge of healing, to the publication of “Chicano Psychology” in 1977, the Chicanx perspective is enhancing health research and practices. This webinar will cover foundational concepts of “Browning”counseling, describe how individualistic approaches to […]

Policy boletín

This document reviews VOCA, VAWA and FVPSA and how culturally specific programs can access these federal resources to enhance services for survivors. You can also view a webinar on this information below.