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Red nacional de compadres


“This is not a program, it is an approach, it is a commitment to a way of life.” Jerry Tello

  • Based in a profound understanding and respect of the Latin@ culture, National Compadres Network  aims to teach Latino men about their positive values, beliefs, traditions, and history by connecting them with  “Un Hombre Noble”.
  • The uniqueness of the NCN approach lies in the use of concepts such as kinship (Compadrazgo), extended family system, fear, sadness, dignity, respect, and learning through our culture to heal from the effects of the trauma (el Susto) of discrimination, violence, and racism.
  • With more than 25 years of experience, NCN offers a variety of comprehensive approaches for addressing issues like family violence, gang violence, teen fatherhood, teen pregnancy prevention, fatherhood, parenting, and Latino Rites of Passage for Young Men.  
  • In addition, NCN offers training, technical assistance, consultation, guides, and assistance for the development of círculos and for connecting communities within the network.

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