Your donation can make an impact...

women in glasses smiling with text $25 can cover weekly bus fare to work
stack of diapers with text $100 provides one month of diapers for our shelter
grocery bag filled with produce and text $500 covers one week of groceries for five women and ten children staying with us
3 smiling Latina women with text $1000 supports leadership training for five latinas

“Before I came to Casa de Esperanza, the thought of going to a shelter seemed horrible. I was not sure what the place would be like or if my daughter and I would be OK. All I knew was that I could not take the abuse anymore.

The road ahead for us is not easy, but I have hope. I am living without violence, without being humiliated, and without hearing a person say that he will hurt me on a daily basis.

I want you to know that donations to Esperanza United allowed me and my daughter to eat. They enabled us to receive support from the advocates and sleep in a warm house. Because of the generosity of people like you, my family is safe, and we are able to keep going. Please consider making a donation today so that other women and children can experience the hope and sense of possibility that I feel right now.

Thank you with all my heart.”