Youth resources

The statistics teach us that one in three young people experience dating violence.

You deserve a safe and healthy relationship. Dating can be exciting and sometimes confusing, so you probably have questions. Remember, you are not alone!

When we find ourselves in an unhealthy relationship, it can affect us in different ways that aren’t always physical. We can feel demotivated, lonely, or even suicidal. An unhealthy relationship can affect how we engage with school, our relationships with our friends and family, how we take care of ourselves,sleep and eating patterns and our dreams. Independent of your decisions on how to handle an unhealthy relationship, it’s important to remember that you are not alone. Here, we’ve collected a few resources particularly for young people. They cover different areas of interest and we hope they help you:

  • Love is respect is the national resource to disrupt and prevent unhealthy relationships and intimate partner violence by empowering young people through inclusive and equitable education, support, and resources.

  • The Link was founded in 1991 by two local Black leaders and former Minnesota Vikings Players, Jim Marshall and Oscar Reed to help youth on the Northside of Minneapolis who were struggling with poverty, homelessness, getting victimized by crime or recruited into criminal activity.Twitter handle. Use this information to let them know what you think about policies that impact Latin@ survivors. Remember that elected officials work for you!

  • Aquí Para Ti/Here for You is a clinic-based development program for Latin@ youths ages 11 to 24, who are often being raised in a culture very different than that of their parents. APT is funded by the Eliminating Health Disparities Initiative of the Minnesota Department of Health..