Our People

We are a Latina organization. Founded and led by Latinas, we ground our work in listening to Latinas and our communities, lifting up their beauty, strengths, and wisdom on this journey to end gender-based violence. We appreciate our allies who stand with us in this work and are proud that our staff and board reflect communities we serve.

Staff Leadership

Patricia Tototzintle
Patricia Tototzintle
President and Chief Executive Officer
head shot of Rosario de la Torre
Rosario de la Torre
Director of Family Advocacy
head shot of Cristina Escobar
Cristina Escobar
Director of Communications and marketing
head shot of Annika Gifford
Annika Gifford
Chief Strategy and Impact Officer
head shot of Paula Gomez Stordy
Paula Gomez Stordy
Senior Director of Training and Technical Assistance
head shot of Ivette Izea Martinez
Ivette Izea Martinez
Director of Prevention and Social Change
head shot of Jenny Lee
Jenny Lee
Chief Finance Officer
head shot of Lillie Macias
Lillie Macias, Ph.D.
Director of Research and Evaluation
Lumarie Orozco, MA
Director of Special Initiatives

Board of directors

Sandra Vargas
CHAIR | Senior Executive Leadership Fellow, Humphrey School of Public Affairs
Nick Ruiz
SECRETARY | Professor Emeritus, Winona State University
Tammie Nasseff
TREASURER | Chief Financial Officer, Neighborhood Development Center (NDC)
Donna Allan
Retired, Director, Office of Transit for the MN Department of Transportation
Hector Arguelles
Division Manager, Goya Foods – Midwest
Caroline Bettinger-López
Professor of Clinical Legal Education; Director, Human Rights Clinic University of Miami School of Law
Felicia Knaul
Professor, Dept. of Public Health Sciences at the Miller School of Medicine; Director, Institute for Advanced Study of the Americas University of Miami
Alejandra Lemus-Rivera Mission
Advancement Manager, Youthprise
Milissa Silva-Diaz
Legacy-Owner, El Burrito Mercado

Advisory Counsels

Research advisory council

Carmen Alvarez
Walter DeKeseredy, Ph.D.
Rosa Gonzalez-Guarda
Gabriel Kuperminc, Ph.D.
Chiara Sabina, Ph.D.
Kevin Swartout, Ph.D.

Policy advisory council

Carmen Williams
Vivian Huelgo
Michelle Ortiz
Sandra Henriquez
Sonia Parras Konrad
Claudia Medina
Margarita Guzman
Caroline Bettinger-López
Mónica Ramírez