Understanding sexual assault in the workplace: New report

This report documents the voices of Latin@ community members in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, and their thoughts on addressing sexual harassment in the workplace. The project’s objectives were to: Understand what policies, protocols, and practices business owners have in place to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace Learn about the gaps […]

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A call to action for inclusive gender-based violence services for Black/Afro Latinas

Esperanza United (formerly Casa de Esperanza: National Latin@ Network) adds our voices to the call for attention to Black Latin@ experiences of gender-based violence. As advocates, researchers, and practitioners, we acknowledge the need for linguistic, culturally and racially inclusive gender-based violence services in the Latin@ community and recommend approaches for building […]

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Innovative housing solutions for Latin@ survivors of violence, a report

This report outlines the unique challenges that Latin@ survivors face when looking for housing, strategies on how to address this need, and recommendations for service providers. In 2015, the Latin@ population in the United States reached 57 million, with almost half (47%) living in suburban and rural areas. Latin@s are not […]

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