A conversation on AfroLatinidad: Centering Blackness

Join us March 10 for a webinar on the lived realities and resilience of the AfroLatina diaspora in the face of violence and current world challenges. Guest speaker Yvette Modestin will share on how to support Black and AfroLatina survivors encountering violence and systemic racism as well as effective responses used by activists on-the-ground. This webinar explores the importance of both ethnic and racial identity within the Latin@ community through centering the experiences of AfroLatin@s in Latin America and U.S immigrants.

Founder of Encuentro Diaspora Afro in Boston, MA, Yvette is a celebrated writer, poet and activist, born and raised in Colon, Panama. Here are some of her many accomplishments:

  • She was named one of “30 Afro Latinas you should know.”
  • She has been profiled by the Boston Globe as “The Uniter” for her work in bringing the Latin American and African American community together and for her activism in building a voice for the Afro Latino Community.
  • She is the Diaspora Coordinator of the Red de Mujeres Afrolatinoamericanas, Afrocaribeñas y de la Diaspora (RMAAD), an international network of Afro descendent women.
  • She is a board member of IBW the Institute of the Black World.
  • She is the Co-Founder of RCAA/ARAAC EEUU –The Regional Council of People of African Descent from Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Her poetry book, Nubian Butterfly; The Transformation of a Soulful Heart was released in Panama in 2019.
  • In 2019, She received the inaugural “Every Woman is an Activist” Award from March Forward Massachusetts.
  • In 2020 Ms. Modestin was named one of the Women Winning Globally on International Women’s Day by Afrocenchix.

As an artist, mental health clinician, wellness facilitator, community organizer, educator and Ifa practitioner, Yvette emphasizes the importance of acknowledging African ancestry and of seeing each other as we seek our collective liberation.

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