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Culturally specific principles As noted in the “What is Principle-Based Evaluation?” having cultural specific principles can help guide an organization in measuring principle driven outcomes.   When thinking about the work that they do, our workgroup organizations noticed that they really had not had the opportunity to write down the ingredients […]

Principle-based evaluation Principle-based evaluation is focused on “how” the work is done and the principles that underlie and drive the work.  As many cultural-specific organizations are driven by values related to cultural affirming practices and social justice, this type of evaluation is helpful in exploring and documenting culturally specific work. From […]

Enhancing community evidence Have you ever felt that the evidence that you have documented is missing something? Does it feel like you are familiar with the various ingredients of your organization’s work however a critical spice is missing? Is that missing component the richness of the work that you do? The […]

How do I spread the word? Sharing the evaluation results is just as important as conducting an evaluation. Your organization already has great lessons about the program (program successes, its weakness and its strengths) that deserve to be shared as it will benefit others.  This is also a great opportunity to […]

How do I evaluate a program? As we mentioned in the previous section, evaluating a program is in many ways similar to cooking. You start by selecting a recipe, gathering all the ingredients, and then transforming them into a delicious meal.  In evaluation, you start by deciding the type of evaluation […]

What do I need? There are many ways to collect information about your program and each approach has its strengths and weaknesses. All of the data you collect forms part of the information you can utilize for your evaluation. Types of information As a general rule, evaluation information is organized into […]

How do I start? Program evaluation work is like cooking a dish from a recipe. As in all good recipes there are steps to follow, accompanied by a list of ingredients, and an image or photo of what the dish will look like in the end. As with all recipes, sometimes […]

Why evaluate a program? It is not easy knowing whether a program is working as planned, or if it needs improvements or adaptations. Like using a recipe to make a dish, we need to document what ingredients we will need and what steps we need to follow.  In program evaluation, documenting […]

New to building evidence You might have had the experience of hearing about a project where you needed to document evidence and it gave you a feeling of anxiety or fear. This is a very normal reaction, especially if you are new to the task or have had negative experiences conducting […]

Building evidence toolkit Welcome to the Building Evidence Toolkit. You may be visiting this site because you are starting to build evidence for the work that you do, are interested in enhancing your current structure for building evidence or just simply interested in learning more. Our goal is that this toolkit […]