Policy alert: Proposed asylum measures put survivors at risk

President Biden and Congressional leaders are negotiating over how people seek asylum. And their decisions will impact survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. At Esperanza United, we recognize that our work to end gender-based violence is intertwined with the advancement of immigrant rights and safety. Efforts to end asylum through funding negotiations need to stop. Asylum, border security, and immigration reform need to be their own policy discussion – and one that is long overdue. 

President Biden has expressed a willingness to make “significant compromises” to our asylum system, including changes that may deny lifesaving protections for those fleeing gender-based violence in their home countries. The proposed measures include making it harder to claim asylum, which can affect survivors who have traveled through other countries and expediting deportations of immigrant survivors throughout the country. 

It is unacceptable to use permanent domestic policies as bargaining chips for political negotiations. Immigrant survivors of gender-based violence, particularly on the southern border, will face more harm due to the proposed changes in policies.

Action needed

We urge you to take immediate action by contacting the White House and your Senators. Express your concern with any proposals that seek to undermine our asylum laws and protections. Advocate against returning to harmful policies such as Remain in Mexico, Title 42, family separation, and detention.

Social media advocacy

We also encourage you to raise awareness on social media platforms TODAY and throughout the week. Share a message by tagging the White House and contacting your Members of Congress. Let your voice be heard.

Sample social media messages:

  • Oppose harmful changes to asylum policies! @WhiteHouse, protect vulnerable asylum seekers and survivors of gender-based violence. Say NO to compromises that undermine our values. 
  • We cannot return to an era of fear and persecution of immigrants in the U.S. These proposed changes to immigration policy are an unacceptable precedent.
  • It is unacceptable to trade permanent domestic policies for temporary foreign policy spending, @POTUS. We oppose attempts to restrict immigration funding in budget negotiations. 

Together, we can make a difference and ensure that our asylum system remains a beacon of hope for survivors of gender-based violence.