Support the supporter, build community around Latin@ survivors

You’re in a new country without your son. You don’t speak the language and your partner is trying to control your every move – how you feel, what you spend, how you think. That’s the position Yeni found herself in before eventually calling the police and Esperanza United.

She wanted something different and through our community partnerships, we were able to find her a safe and stable apartment. Next, it was gently used furniture, English classes, and a work permit. 

With this new foundation, she’s been able to bring her son to join her – he’s participating in our youth programs and adjusting to his new country. She applied for and got one of our Sembrando Esperanza microgrants to achieve another of her dreams – opening an important business.

Yeni changed her life and she changed her son’s too. Helping her turn her courage and determination into a life free from violence is the very core of Esperanza United’s mission and work. We are inspired and proud of Yeni and the community that came together to support her – nonprofits, government agencies, friends, family, and local leaders.

Now it’s your turn. 

Please donate to Esperanza United this giving season. Your investment will go directly to helping Latinas like Yeni and their families. Together, we can build a world free from gender-based violence – we see the difference community action makes every day. Join us in being part of that change.