#UnaCosa you can do for DVAM is foster important relationships

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM), and every year, Esperanza United aims to raise awareness about domestic violence in connection with partners as a part of the Domestic Violence Awareness Project. As part of this project, national violence prevention organizations work to create unified messaging that will reach a wide audience, highlighting the nuanced nature of domestic violence while honoring victims and survivors, and centering on those that are often left on the fringes of access to safety and services.

This year, as part of the #1Thing / #UnaCosa theme, advocates and survivors will focus on one thing any individual can do for DVAM. To this end, Esperanza United has created an #UnaCosa campaign, and has focused efforts on establishing meaningful partnerships with agencies and people that are not often associated with the violence prevention field, but have an interest in the cause and doing #1Thing to contribute.

That is why we were proud to partner with 2 A Billion and Dual Citizen Brewing Company to reach audiences that may not be aware of domestic violence prevention and intervention efforts and how it uniquely challenges Latin@s.

2 A Billion is a philanthropic campaign created by musical group Bon Iver to raise support, awareness, and person-to-person connections in an effort to end gender inequality, domestic violence, and sexual abuse. On October 3, 2019, Bon Iver performed at a concert in St. Paul, where Esperanza United houses its headquarters. In connection with this concert, 2 A Billion created a space for Esperanza United staff to speak with concertgoers about #UnaCosa, and to tell them about the critical services offered in the area. Staff asked those who approached the table what #1Thing they can do for DVAM, and below are just a few of the many responses received:

  • Use their pronouns!
  • Understand that I have male privilege.
  • Be kind.
  • Listen instead of talk.
  • Educate myself.
  • Try to speak up about my own story and be brave.
  • Be an ally by listening with compassion.
  • Understand you don’t know everything someone is going through.
  • Stop violence against indigenous women and girls #nomorestolensisters
  • Be patient.
  • Talk to my youth group.
  • Challenge ignorance.

“One of the biggest problems with domestic abuse is that people don’t talk about it. It’s insidious, stigmatized and hushed.” – Justin Vernon of Bon Iver

2 A Billion also quietly donated to Esperanza United (formerly Casa de Esperanza) to help fuel the resources in the Twin Cities area to fuel resources for victims and survivors of violence and their families to access the safety and help they need to escape abuse. Esperanza United would like to extend a sincere thank you to Bon Iver and 2 A Billion for their generosity and interest in raising awareness about violence and abuse, and for supporting Esperanza United in its mission to eradicate it.

A brewery in the Twin Cities Greater Area, Dual Citizen Brewing Company, also partnered with Esperanza United for the month of October to raise awareness to its patrons about domestic violence prevention and intervention. Like 2 A Billion, Dual Citizen will allow Esperanza United staff to come to their facility and talk to patrons about the valuable resources and expertise we offer, and Dual Citizen is pledging to donate $1 for every Raymond Oktoberfest beer sold for the entire month to Esperanza United. Again, the staff and leadership at Esperanza United are so grateful to the owners of Dual Citizen Brewery for their generosity and support.

Crucial partnerships can give advocates and nonprofits an audience they haven’t reached before, a platform they haven’t used before, an opportunity they didn’t have before. Victims and survivors look for partnerships and relationships with people they trust to escape violence. This year, Esperanza United staff commit to doing #1Thing: Building more meaningful relationships. We invite you to join us. What’s your #1Thing?

For more information and resources for Domestic Violence Awareness Month, visit the Domestic Violence Awareness homepage.