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Youth Factsheet

Latin@s make up 23% of youth under the age of 18 in the U.S., and in some states, including California and New Mexico, Latin@ youth make up the largest ethnic group. While Latin@ youth demonstrate much strength, they are at higher risk for poorer social, educational, economic, and health outcomes. There […]

Myths and facts

There are many myths about domestic violence that perpetuate a distorted view about its nature and causes. This list is a starting point; we hope that it will prompt you to examine your beliefs and provide you with helpful information.  

Support womens’ and girls’ organizations

Support women’s and girls’ organizations  You may not know that women and girls are at a disadvantage in most societies, including in Latin@ communities. Women suffer much higher rates of domestic violence than men and a much higher percentage of sexual assault (though boys are also victims of sexual assault perpetrated […]

Share your own story

Share your own story  By a recent estimate, more than 15 million children are exposed to domestic violence in their homes in the US. Many others are direct victims of child abuse. Statistically, half of these children are male. That means that there are millions of men in the US (and […]

Be an active bystander

Be an active bystander This takes even more courage than influencing other men because it involves intervening when you see violence or the threat of violence. It is a tricky skill because you should not put yourself or others in harm’s way or respond to violence with more violence.  Being a […]

Be a role model for boys

Be a role model for boys One of the most important roles that all men can play is being a role model to boys (and girls!), whether they are your own children or not. Frankly, the only way that we really can eliminate the problem of violence against women is by […]

Influence other men

Influence other men  This is another action that takes courage, but not the kind of courage that often leads to violence. As a man, you have influence and privilege (whether you want it or know it or not). That means that other men (and women) listen to you. Use this privilege […]

Be an ally of women and girls

Be an ally of women and girls Being an ally to women and girls goes beyond supporting their causes. It is connected with self-reflection because as an ally, you really need to know yourself. It takes a lot of strength to be a good ally, but not the kind of strength […]


Self reflect  This video, by Juan Carlos Areán, former director of the National Latin@ Network, explores dimensions of traditional masculinity that contribute to the ongoing problem of violence within the family and intimate relationships.  It is very important that as you take action, you also take time to reflect about your […]

What to do

What to do  This video, presented by Juan Carlos Areán, Director at Esperanza United, formerly Casa de Esperanza, explores an important question: Why get involved? The sections to the left offer answers to another important question: What can Latino men do as individuals to help end violence against women and girls? […]