Building evidence


We developed this final section as an additional resource for your work. Here you will find a series of tables that include links to websites, documents, webinars, and other tools that you might find helpful in expanding your knowledge around program evaluation.

Resources designed for domestic and/or sexual organizations

This table includes resources that are designed specifically to provide you with more information and tools around evaluation for prevention efforts and also in the area of advocacy. As you will see, it includes products by other organizations, including tools developed by the CDC specifically for our field. Here you can find free tools and materials that you can download and use.

Resources on logic models

Here, you will find information about organizations, universities, foundations, and other groups that have developed different tools for the design of logic models. 

Culturally specific evaluators

In this table you will find information on evaluators that have experience working with culturally specific community organizations.

General resources

Here, you will find a variety of resources, such as webinars and manuals on topics like how to conduct a needs assessment and how to collect data. In addition, you will find general information on some private organization that provide specific services and products on evaluation. 

Resources for further study

We compiled this list of authors and their work for those interested in expanding their knowledge on different approaches to evaluation. This is a small sample of the many books out there on program evaluation.

Author Year Title
Mertens, Donna M. 2009 Transformative Research and Evaluation
Mertens, Donna M. 2012 Program Evaluation Theory and Practice
Fetterman, David M.,
Kaftarian, Shakeh J., &
Wandersman, Abraham
2015 Empowerment Evaluation: Knowledge and tools for self-assessment, evaluation capacity building, and accountability
Clarke, Alan, & Dawson, Ruth 2005 Empowerment Evaluation Principles and Practice
Barret, Nancy F. 2004 Program Evaluation: A step-by-step guide
Fixsen, Dean L., Naoom, Sandra F., Blase, Karen A., Friedman, Robert M., & Wallace, Frances 2005 Implementation Research: A synthesis of the Literacture

Helpful measures

Thanks to the work of Lisa Goodman, Cris Sullivan, Sherry Hamby and many others, we are able to offer to you these measurement tools. These tools were developed exclusively for the domestic violence field and include:

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