Building evidence

Background on the building evidence toolkit

In this section of our toolkit, we invite you to explore and learn about community-centered evidence. This is the foundation for how we think about evidence and documenting evidence.  In other words, this section includes the special ingredients for our meals. In our case, our special ingredients are community members and we strongly believe they should guide all that we do, including building evidence.   As you will learn by reading our special ingredients, this information has  emerged as result of a communal effort, with our colleagues sharing their recipes and tweaks – más o menos paprika, ajo, hoja de laurel – to enrich and expand our knowledge and expertise about documenting evidence from a community centered perspective.   We hope this information is helpful to you. 

What is the community-centered evidence-based Practice approach?

Learn about the Community-Centered EBP approach.

How is a theory of change created?

Learn what a theory of change is

What is Esperanza United’s theory of change?

Here, you will learn about the ingredients of our theory of change.