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Support women’s and girls’ organizations 

You may not know that women and girls are at a disadvantage in most societies, including in Latin@ communities. Women suffer much higher rates of domestic violence than men and a much higher percentage of sexual assault (though boys are also victims of sexual assault perpetrated by men in large numbers). Women are also generally disrespected, earn less money than men in similar positions (this is particularly true of Latinas) and are constantly exposed to sexual harassment at work or on the streets. Here are some actions that you can take to support organizations that work to raise the status of women and girls:

  • Host a fundraiser to donate funds or supplies. You don’t have to plan anything complicated…a game night, cookout, birthday party; any reason to get together can become an opportunity to ask friends and family to support an important cause.


  • Volunteer to join the board of directors or an advisory committee.


  • Volunteer your talents to meet a need that the organization would have to pay for otherwise.


  • Offer to convene a group of community men to support the organization in ways that it is helpful.


  • Organize a cell phone collection drive for Verizon Hopeline. Donated cell phones provide funds to domestic violence shelters and free cell phones that connect women experiencing violence to critical resources.

To learn more about organizations in your area, you can contact your state Domestic Violence Coalition, or review our Directory of national and local organizations here

If you know of an organization who should be on the list, please let us know using the Share your work form. 

Additionally, here is a directory of service providers with experience working with immigrant victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, crimes of violence, and human trafficking. You can search by language, state and zip code.