Te invito

Tools & materials

The materials included in this section have been selected for this toolkit as examples and resources for you and your work for a few important reasons:

  • The materials and resources included here represent engagement strategies that have been documented to work well with Latino men;
  • The majority of these materials were developed by Latino men, for Latino men and
  • The materials are representative of the diversity and strengths of our Latin@ communities. 

These materials are only a small sample of the work that is already underway to engage men in addressing violence. We will be continuing to add to this section to include new or additional resources that have been useful for groups working to engage Latino men to end domestic violence. If you have developed curriculum, tools or other materials that you would like to see included in this toolkit, please share with us!

This toolkit is just the beginning. We know that there are many other important aspects that must be considered as we work work to end violence in the familiy including sexual abuse, child abuse, abuse in LGBTQ relationships, and much more. We will add information and highlight other programs that promote positive responses to other aspects of engaging men to end violence in the future.