Building evidence

How do I spread the word?

Sharing the evaluation results is just as important as conducting an evaluation. Your organization already has great lessons about the program (program successes, its weakness and its strengths) that deserve to be shared as it will benefit others.  This is also a great opportunity to strengthen communication and build capacity among your allies.

The most common way to share this information is in a report. We recommend to start by identifying who your potential audiences are, so you can decide the best ways to present your evaluation results.

You can use the tables below to help you get started.

Potential audience

Who would have an interest in knowing about the impact of your program?

Potential audience List your potential audience:
Board of directors
Other organizations
Board of directors

Possible formats

What would be the most cost/time effective way to present the information?

Possible formats: List of formats that are most feasible for your organization:
Blog or Social Media Postings
Power Point presentation
Executive Summary
Legislature fact sheets or advocacy documents

Remember that sharing your evaluation results may require resources. Determine what resources your organization has or needs to distribute these results in a cost effective way.  Please check our Resources section for additional resources.