Building evidence

New to building evidence

You might have had the experience of hearing about a project where you needed to document evidence and it gave you a feeling of anxiety or fear. This is a very normal reaction, especially if you are new to the task or have had negative experiences conducting evaluations.


Here, you will find the different ways and reasons to evaluate your work

How do I start

Here, you will find what we propose as the starting point.

What do I need?

Here, you learn what types of things you might need to evaluate your work.

How do I do it

Here, you will learn about different tools that you can use in your evaluation

How do I spread the word?

Here are some ideas for sharing your evaluation work

Let’s face it; this process can be a source of stress.

However, we are more than sure that you have much experience documenting los ingredientes to your receta in your own way or you know it so well that you did not need to write them down. We offer this section to those of you who may need a little more support enhancing how you are keeping track of the ingredients of your organization’s work, packaging, and communicating your receta. In other words, this section is for those who are beginning your journey documenting evidence.