Building evidence

Enhancing community evidence

Have you ever felt that the evidence that you have documented is missing something? Does it feel like you are familiar with the various ingredients of your organization’s work however a critical spice is missing? Is that missing component the richness of the work that you do? The cultural-specific aspects? You are not alone.

This part of the toolkit was developed in direct response and collaboration with the toolkit workgroup who, like you, felt that something was missing from their current evaluation work. As with any good chef, they had been trying to figure out that key missing ingredient. In this case, they were actively involved in documenting violence related indicators and outcomes, however, they felt that something was missing from their recipe for cultural specific work. We offer this section for those who might like to enhance their current evaluations with cultural specific content.

In this section

Here, you will learn why principle-based evaluation is helpful when looking to document culturally specific ingredients. Learn more.

Here, you will learn about the culturally specific ingredients that make your recipe unique. Learn more.

Here, we will walk you through developing a culturally specific evaluation plan. Learn more.

Here, we will recommend considerations for using an external evaluator and what to look for in a culturally specific evaluator. Learn more.

Workgroup members

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