Building evidence

Participatory evaluation

What would happen if you invited the people at the table into the kitchen? What if community members understood the process and resources available for a program before evaluating the results? Including participatory research methods in your evaluation gives power back to survivors and youth witnesses of violence and considers community members experts of their own lives. Review the tips below for engaging different stakeholders in evaluation:

Before starting the evaluation process:

  • Community organizations may identify important stakeholders to ensure that all the appropriate sectors or communities are represented in the evaluation
  • Community or key stakeholders may approach the organization to help them tackle an issue they wish to address

Throughout the evaluation, the team should acknowledge and reflect on potential rewards for participation:

  • Tangible rewards (job opportunities, learning job skills, potential to obtain funding for their community, incentives)
  • Highlighting cultural traditions and values
  • Helping others within the community

Additional resources: