Language access


Use the Language access plan template, Sections 1C “Capacity-Building” and 3 “Monitoring” for building staff work plans:

  1. Assign responsibility for all tasks:


    1. direct services tasks, that is, how to provide language access services to survivors with LEP


    2. management tasks such as selecting, procuring, and organizing translated written material; selecting and contracting over-the-phone and in-person interpreter services; staff training; and language access monitoring and evaluation


    3. administrative tasks such as writing language access policies and procedures, monitoring, and funding (see resource building).


  2. Establish short- and long-term timelines for task completion. For example, prioritize training all staff on the Plan and language access strategies – not only will you support staff to provide high-quality, accessible language services to survivors with LEP, but you will better prepare staff for related outreach and systems advocacy work.


  3. Review progress on Language Access Plan tasks during your program’s check-ins, such as supervision and staff meetings.


  4. Establish an annual review of your Plan. A logical time to review the Language Access Plan is during the annual budgeting process. Utilizing the “Critical conversations” process will help to deepen the implementation of your language access plan every year.

Keep in mind that language access measures are most effectively monitored at several levels:

  • Among participants through information collected at intake, listening sessions, surveys for satisfaction with services, etc.


  • Among direct service staff through training efforts, supervision, and engagement in ongoing language access enhancements.


  • Among administrative staff through fund development efforts, analysis of the use of language access services, budgetary impacts, etc.


  • Among community partners through cross-training, ongoing collaborations, joint fundraising efforts, etc.

Use self-assessment tools to document this evaluation information in a familiar, usable format.